Partnership Opportunities

The management team at Chambers O’Brien are always seeking to form partnerships with other recruiting firms and independent recruiters who are interested in expanding their business.

Many of the most successful boutique recruiting firms expand their potential candidate base by working on a partnership basis with other firms and individuals that source candidates in similar disciplines.

Are you looking for ways to expand your recruiting firm? If so, then consider becoming partners with us.

If you would like to explore partnership opportunities with Chambers O’Brien Executive Search to either have us provide exceptional candidates to your firm or for you to assist us in sourcing candidates for our clients, please complete the form or call Walter Colgan today at (941) 926-5003.

The depth of your candidate sourcing tools are always finite no matter how hard you work on finding the best talent for your clients. The perfect candidate may just be a simple phone call away. You owe it to your clients to explore every avenue in assisting them with hiring the best people in the marketplace. A partnership with Chambers O’Brien may be the perfect solution.


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