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Our contingency based service is applicable for companies of almost any size. An initial consultation is where we learn as much as we can about your company’s requirements. We discuss its culture, the position, and identify the qualifications for the professional your company needs. We try to learn as much as we can, because having detailed information is what makes us effective. Once we have this knowledge, we begin to make confidential inquiries with candidates that have the requisite experience.

Once potential candidates are identified that meet or exceed the qualifications, an initial meeting is arranged. Afterwards, if there appears to be an interest from the company and candidate to continue the process, we can assist with follow-up meetings, written offers, and due diligence.

There is no upfront fee for this service. Our fees are paid by the client company only after a successful placement has been made and we offer written guarantees.

Information on our Retained Search Service can be found here.

Additional information on contingent search services can be found on Wikipedia.

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