Considering A Job Change?

Is changing jobs the smart thing to do?

Sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes it’s not. A professional recruiter will help you compare the pros and cons unemotionally. They understand the needs of their client and compare that to the needs of the potential job seeker.

If we attempt to persuade a candidate to accept a position with a new organization and it’s not a good match, our credibility becomes impaired. We always strive to assist our candidates to compare the pros and cons of a potential job change as it’s a very serious decision.

At Chambers O’Brien Executive Search, we place a high value on our relationships with clients and candidates alike and will always put honesty and integrity ahead of all other issues.

If you are considering making a career change or just even thinking about it, call us — we’ll listen. That’s what we do. If you decide not to make a change, that’s okay, but if you do, we will formulate a comprehensive plan that will be effective for your unique situation that will assist you in attaining your goals.

It all starts with a conversation.

Need advice on your résumé?

We read thousands every year. We know what works and what doesn’t. In our estimation, up to 50% of the résumés we see are lacking in critical areas. How does yours stack up? Ask us to take a look and we’ll give you a free analysis.

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Let’s Work Together!

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