Candidate Confidentiality

Searching for a new job can be stressful. There are a lot of issues to consider. One big one is keeping your job search confidential if you are already gainfully employed.

Chambers O’Brien Executive Search takes candidate confidentiality very seriously.

Search firms are paid by their clients for making employee placements at their organizations. So technically, our fiduciary duty always lies with our clients because they pay our fees when we make successful placements and we have written contracts in place that clearly state both party’s obligations.

The reality however is that the candidates we represent have rights as well even though they are not spelled out in a written agreement.

For instance, candidates always prefer to keep their job search confidential from colleagues and current employers so they do not jeopardize their current position and job security. They also often share personal information with recruiters that employers technically have no legal right to know during the hiring process.

Although the line is thin in protecting the interests of our clients with the best interests of our candidates, an experienced recruiter not only understands current employment laws when it comes to disseminating candidate information, they understand the ethical aspects of the recruiter/candidate relationship as well.

At Chambers O’Brien Executive Search, we will never compromise the confidentiality of our candidates under any circumstances.

We will never share a candidate’s name, current or past employer, profile, résumé or any other personally identifiable information with our clients without our candidate’s explicit consent. That’s not just our promise – that’s our iron-fast guaranty.

Additionally, we never share any information with our clients that we’ve become privy to in conversations which are prohibited by federal laws and hiring practices outlined by the EEOC (click here for details on EEOC employment policies and practices.)

The bottom line is that although we will always need to abide by the contractual requirements of our clients, we will also always respect our candidate’s confidentiality because we consider it not just our legal but also our ethical responsibility.

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