This is the one thing you should always say in a job interview

I have been working as a headhunter for many years. I have always coached and advised candidates to “ask for the job” at the end of the interview presuming they “really” want it. What I mean by “asking for the job” is being sure to let the hiring manager know with no uncertainty that you have a strong interest in the position.

“Asking for the job” is essentially a way to close out the interview in a manner that will tilt the hiring manager in your favor. It’s a closing question. I would never advise saying “can I have this job” but you can ask: “is there anything in my background or experience that would prevent you from hiring me right now?” That could be a difficult question for some people to ask, but it will make your interviewer stop and think. If they reply “no” then you should be pleased that you did well on the interview. If they reply “yes” or “maybe”,  it could provide you with an extra opportunity to address what concerns they may have that did not come up in the interview.

Suzy Welch suggests a different way of closing out an interview which can be effective as well. You can watch her suggestion via video on by following this link:

By Walter Colgan