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If you are interested in learning more about our legal, accounting or private equity recruiting services, call or drop us a note today and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Candidate Inquires

If you field is law, accounting or private equity, connect with our team about current or future opportunities. We always look forward to meeting new people.

Experience Always Counts

The Chambers O’Brien recruiting team have decades of experience delivering positive results for both clients and candidates alike. Experience really does count!

Our primary focus is identifying the ``perfect`` professional talent for your organization.


Chambers O’Brien Executive Search is a US-based recruiting firm that specializes in  recruiting within the areas of law, accounting and private equity. Our established clients range in size from boutiques with a handful of employees to global organizations employing thousands.


Our sole focus is on conducting confidential searches and sourcing the strongest talent available in the marketplace at any given time. Our success has always been based on the strength of our relationships.

Identifying talent that will be the best match for your organization's culture is critical.


There has always been strong demand for top talent in both good economic times and bad. Organizations of all sizes compete fiercely for the most talented people and understand “culture counts”.  The employers that “get that” will always win the talent competition.


The Chambers O’Brien team excels at bringing the best talent to our client’s attention because we understand the culture of our clients and compare that to our candidate’s cultural hopes and desires.

The Chambers O'Brien Advantage

The Chambers O’Brien recruiting team are experts at matching our client’s hiring needs with exceptional legal, accounting, and private equity professionals.

Our goals can be summed up very simply:

  • Gathering all the pertinent information from our clients with regard to their hiring requirements
  • Gaining a deep understanding of our client’s work culture so we can find not just the perfect candidate for your team but someone you also “want” to work with
  • Connecting with candidates to ascertain their level of experience, their motivations, and personal goals and expectations 
  • Selecting the candidates that we feel are a best match for both our client and our candidate from both an experience and cultural perspective
  • Arranging meetings which lead to successful results for clients and candidates alike

Let's Work Together!


It all starts with an initial conversation.

If you are an existing or potential client, we are always excited to learn about your critical hiring needs. If you are a candidate, we are always anxious to learn about your career goals. The professionals at Chambers O’Brien Executive Search work hard to match our client’s hiring requirements with our candidate’s professional aspirations. Bringing people together and building talented teams is our business. 

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